Terms of Service


  • Client provides clear and complete requirements and expectations upfront, including reference materials or assets before the work begins.

  • Client warrants that the character design and reference material provided to us are legally obtained and authorized for use by the Client.

  • Client warrants that they have agreed to enter this agreement, be the point of contact and is responsible for decisions and approval during the process. Breaking the agreement will result in giving up Client's ownership of the received work, and the Client will be Blacklisted.

  • Client must inform us before starting the project if the work will be used on an account or a channel with adult contents.

  • We reserve the right to refuse projects or requests based on content, subject, or other reasons.


  • Clients must pay upfront at least half of the full price before the work starts. Work completion requires 1 - 2 months , and may take up to 4 months depending on each project.

  • Timeline depends on commission type, complexity, and workload.

  • Clients should plan launches and streams accordingly.

  • We provide progress updates and seek Client feedback.

  • Final files are provided by us using Google Drive.

  • After the work has finish. If Client won't response within 1 month, or can't proceed the invoice as agreement we made. We will consider that client has giving up their ownership of the the work. and the Client will be Blacklisted.

  • Delivered files will be deleted from the drive every first day of the month, so the client must download and backup the files by themselves.

  • If there are any delays and adjustments to the timeline, we will inform the Client.

  • Clients can only request refunds 1 week after deadlines if the work has not been delivered and there was no agreed upon amendment to the timeline.


  • Limited revisions are allowed per item shown to the Client during the process and after delivery.

  • The change of revision will be 2 set per services.

  • Additional charges for excessive revisions may be required.

  • Revisions may affect progress and timeline.


  • If Client requests cancellation, project fees may be forfeit if canceled within 2 days before work starts.

  • No refunds are possible after work begins unless initiated by ourselves.

  • If we cannot complete the work or there are delays as detailed in Section 3 for unforeseen reasons, the Client may be eligible for a full refund.


Our Rights

  • We retain copyright, ownership, redistribution and intellectual property rights, which includes but is not limited to display, advertising the work and work in progress on websites, social media, portfolios, public broadcast channels and more. 

Client Rights​

  • Clients receive exclusive, non-transferable usage rights to the work for commercial use.

  • Commercial usage rights are included with the price displayed on our commission info.

  • Commercial rights means usage of the work on streams or any monetized instances, as a part of any product, or on another platform.

  • Clients must inform and discuss with us before reselling or transferring the work to others. Usage of the work for AI (artificial intelligence) tools; platforms or programs, ML (machine learning) tools, platforms or programs; AI or ML training; NFT; blockchain; or other for-profit platforms/purposes, is strictly prohibited.

  • Clients must not claim the work as their own and must credit us (@VEDENStudio) and the Artist using their social tag/username/link at the instance of display of the Work, debut stream, or permanently on their websites, social media profiles, broadcast channels and so on.

  • Clients must not edit or modify the work in any way without prior permission from us.​


  • VEDENStudio, Partners and Client acknowledges that information and materials that are provided to either party (including but not limited to personal information, technical information, marketing plans, payment information, or sensitive business information), or are incorporated into the deliverables, that will not be visible to the public shall be considered confidential information and shall not be disclosed to any other party without prior written permission from the owner of this confidential information.